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What Makes for an Effective Cover Letter?

Some job seekers view cover letters as something extra; an add-on that employers just gloss over anyway. After all, isn’t your resume where the most important information is? Yes and no. A well-written cover letter can convey information that may not be as evident in your resume and also provides a stronger case for your […]

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Is One Resume Enough? Multiple Resumes Take Work, But Can Payoff

When it comes to the job hunt, one thing is certain among employers—they are looking for candidates that stand out. However, standing out is not always a surefire way to land an interview, as employers and computerized job searches will instantly weed out any resume that fails to meet the desired skills. As the U.S. […]

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Why You Absolutely Must Tailor Your Resume to a Job Description

When a company puts out a job listing, they’re probably going to get hundreds of responses. So how can you make sure that your resume doesn’t fall into the abyss, never to be seen by a hiring manager?

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Chronological vs. Functional: Which Resume Format Is Best?

Crafting a resume entails more than just writing out the details of your skills, experiences, and accomplishments (although this is, of course, extremely important). Resumes should do more than convey your professional responsibilities and achievements—they should introduce who you are as a professional to potential employers. While there are many factors that can contribute to the personality of the document, including the style and the verbiage, the way in which your information is organized can make a tremendous difference in how you are perceived by hiring managers and recruiters. Ultimately, there are two major organizational approaches to choose from: chronological and functional.

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